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Over the  past ten years, I have collected quite a few antique broadcast tube radios. I started out with a couple of clock radios, and would try to get them to work with little luck as I really did not know what I was doing. it is ten years later and still don't know what I am doing! On the serious side, I have picked up a few things over the years from books, trial and error, the internet, and of course, hands on with good friends. I still consider myself a newbie though when it comes to fixing or restoring these types of radios, and often call on help when I do not feel confident enough to just dive in. If you are like me, then the one solid piece of advice that I can give you is to BE CAREFUL. These sets can be deadly when powered up because they carry very high voltages. I have tried my hand at both repair and restoration of these old sets, and have to say it has been both a challenge and a good learning experience. There is no better feeling than making one of these old sets come back to life. To see some of the sets that I have worked on, click here....

This page is going to be dedicated to displaying pieces from my collection, and will be updated as time permits. Over time, my tastes and interests have changed so I now collect a little bit of everything that has to do with antique radio.  My collection now consists of table tops, floor models, advertisements and microphones among other things. I hope that you enjoy the pictures!

Zenith Trans Oceanic

Grundig Magestic Shortwave Radio  


Hallicrafters s38-a    

Atwater Kent





One of my home brew keyers & a vintage Ham Key (Wife found the key at the dump!) 



Another view of the key and keyer with a National NC-88 in the background      


Our miniature radio and cylinder record collection



As time permits I will be posting new material and pictures of my collection. This page is going to be an ongoing project, so be sure to check back from time to time!




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