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36th Annual Charleston, SC Hamfest & SC State Convention

On February 7, 2010 The Charleston Amateur Radio Society held its 36th annual hamfest and computer show. There was a good turnout this year, which was really nice,  as I got to see a lot of friends that I have not seen in quite some time. There were quite a few venders this year,  offering a nice variety of items for sale.  I of course, came with my pockets empty and left with my hands full , but stuck to my budget for a change.  I purchased a nice set of Hustler mobile antennas, with bands ranging from 10 meters to 160, plus a few odds and ends. Events at the hamfest this year included tailgaiting, forums, bingo, and VE testing. Special guest this year was Allen Pitts, W1AGP,  ARRL Media Relations who  gave a presentation directed to our Public Information Officers. In the end, there was something for everyone, and a good time was had by all. To see some pictures I took, click here....


On May 8-10th 2009, the Greek Orthodox Church located at 30 Race Street in downtown Charleston,  held their annual Greek Festival.  If you have never been to this event, let me tell you from experience, it is TONS of fun!  There is live music, dancing, wine tasting, cultural events, church tours, and most importantly, fantastic food!  The wife and I went on the last day, which just happened to be Mothers Day, which meant that moms get in free! (This was nice as it gave the wife a couple extra dollars to get one of those wonderful gyros!)  There was free parking at the Joe Riley Stadium at 360 Fishburne Street and shuttles to and from the event every 15 minutes.  I have to say, I think that we made a wise choice of a day to come based on the weather itself,  as  it was overcast with light rains and in the mid 80s.  The rain did not hamper the event whatsoever. There was a great turnout and I really don't think that many people minded the weather at all. From the atmosphere of the crowd, it appeared that everyone was having a wonderful time. Sarah and I  really enjoyed ourselves , it was a great way to spend and afternoon.  If you are in the Charleston area next year at this time,  I would highly recommend that you check out this event!  Opa! To see some snapshots that I took of the Greekfest, click here...



On October 27, 2007 The Three Dog Bakery located at 430 King Street in Charleston, SC sponsored a reunion for Shih Tzu's rescued from a Goose Creek home in 2006. The event was a success thanks to the huge efforts put forth by the stores owner Dustin Guthrie, Pearl Sutton (the Executive director of the Doc Williams SPCA), and Nichole Evans. As many as 20 Shih Tzu's and their owners arrived for the reunion.

  The dogs seemed to remember each other quite well even after a year of separation as they came nose to nose and sniffed each other. The Three Dog Bakery had a nice itinerary set up which included sniff and be sniffed, a store to store do friendly trick or treat, a cake cutting for the dogs, bobbing for bagels, and of course, pictures, pictures, and more pictures! All and all, I think that everyone had a great time, I know my wife and I had a nice warm feeling inside that we had been a part of this wonderful occasion. To see pictures from this event, click here


Tall Ships come to Charleston, South Carolina

These are some picture that I took during the Maritime festival in downtown Charleston. This was my first time seeing these majestic beauties of the sea and I have to say, it is certainly a sight to see!  Some of the ships at the event were the Gloria, The Prince William, the Pride of Baltimore 2, the Picton Castle and the Spirit of South Carolina.  I only wish that I could have been there when they set sail, I'll bet that would have made some great pictures. Here is a link to the column done about the tall ships by our local newspaper:


SC Customs house located on East Bay Street in Charleston




One of the smaller boats in the harbor




US Coast Guard on patrol


The Virginia

Hoards of people waited in line to tour the ships on deck, my wife and I decided that we could see the ships just fine from the shore!


Tall ships in a row


Here is my XYL Sarah KG4NKG in front of the Prince William


That's me in front of the Virginia

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