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One of the things that I admire is folks who have a talent for art. It is really interesting to find works done by various artists right in your own hometown. It is also very cool to have friends and family who not only share my interest in art, but have a talent for it themselves. This page is dedicated to these fine folks, I really hope that you enjoy them!



Artists on display at Ashley River Tower

While visiting the Ashley River Tower at MUSC,  I could not help but to notice the different pieces of art displayed throughout the building.  What I saw was very pleasing to the eye. There was a variety of works from several artists, ranging from sweet grass baskets to paintings.  I never really considered myself as a connoisseur or art,  but have found that over the past few years I  have learned to appreciate what Charleston has to offer.  This city has many artists and their  "flavor" can be felt everywhere.  You can find a nice potpourri of local artwork starting with the  Old Slave Market  to the Gibbes Museum of Fine Arts.  Different forms of artwork can be found in Charleston, SC from handmade sweet grass baskets to the award winning ironwork of  Master Philip Simmons.  His portrait, by Molly Bright, done in vintage bottle caps,  is one of the 850 very impressive pieces from 54 local artists you can see at Ashley River Tower.  To see my pictures, click here....



  Paintings and prints by Toni Quest  Toni Quest is a self taught very accomplished painter and published poet. My wife Sarah and Toni have been best friends since college and remain in contact with each other as to date. Toni has had art exibits in Beaufort, South Carolina and also Augusta, Georgia of which she was picked from several select artists around the world to display her work for the 50th anniversary Tribute to James Brown.

 Toni has several prints of her work and book available View from the middle of the road Vol. 2 in US showcases the unique voices of African-American poets living the American experience: Makal Ani, Lucinda Clark, Toni Quest and Robert Ward.

For the past 19 years, Lucinda Clark, President of Phoenix Rising Art Enterprises, Inc., has worked with budding authors and artists, publishing and bringing the work o these talented newcomers to the public. In this second gorgeous anthology of poetry, Clark showcases her own work and the poems of three new poetic voices. Makal Ani, a South Carolinian, speaks from the heart about love and faith; Robert Ward, a North Carolinian, uses rhythm to explore his thoughts on spirit and memory, while Toni Quest, a New Yorker whose artwork adorns the anthology’s beautiful cover, ‘trips the light fantastic’ with her playful poetry.

This sterling compilation offers a fresh poetic view on what it means to live in . Each poet represents a different state on the east coast, and is given a section in the book to share views on love, life, spirit and even death. This is a feast of poetry and a wonderful gift for anyone who loves being the first to discover new talent.


                Paintings by Sarah 

My wife Sarah loves to paint, she used to paint quiet often back in the 70s. She always talks about how she wishes that she had more time to paint. For years she has been collecting all the tools of the hobby but for some reason just never seems to get around to it.  She claims that she is waiting to retire before she paints again. It is too bad that we all have to wait until she retires,  I think that she is very talented and would love for her to regain her interest in this hobby and perhaps hone her skills as an artist. Below are some examples of  her paintings that she did in the early 70's.


Flower and butterfly 1972 by SCW


Tiger 1970 by SCW


Baby Owl by SCW (date unknown)




 Paintings by Sarahs mother, Mrs. Mary D. Westerlund.....3-10-2010.......Seems that the wife has been holding out on me for quite a number of years now! Sarah recently broke out a sketch book done by her mother  back in the 1950s. I was very impressed by her work and with Sarah's  permission, I would like to share these with everyone. To see more of Mary Davis Westerlunds work, click here......


Recent charcoal drawing done by Sarah early 2009


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